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What the heck is cybersecurity, anyway?

“Cyber Cyber Cyber Cyber.”

That’s what it sounds like when experts talk. Blah blah blah cyber cyber cyber. Can you talk human, please?

I’m a journalist, a comedian, and a cybersecurity expert. I got my first job in cybersecurity in 2002, I’ve been covering cybersecurity as a journalist since 2013, and I have a masters degree in cybersecurity from UC Berkeley.

This newsletter will never talk down to you, but it also won’t assume you’re already a l33t h@xx0r expert who speaks the lingo.

Cybersecurity is the central political question of our times, and affects every aspect of our lives today—how we work, how we bank, how we play, even how we love.

It’s time to make sense of the nonsense.

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Have a laugh

Cybersecurity is crazy weird, and under pandemic conditions it’s even weirder. It’s time to for a laugh! This stuff is serious, yes, but sometimes the best way to understand the serious to be silly.

Think of this newsletter—and accompanying YouTube channel—as if John Oliver on Last Week Tonight covered only cybersecurity, all the time.

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I’m J.M. Porup for Cyber Cyber Cyber Cyber, reporting without pants.